Energy Audit

An energy audit is the first step to determine how much energy your home or business consumes and evaluate the steps to take to make the property more energy efficient. An energy audit provides you with the framework needed to establish or improve energy management. It also provides a baseline for saving money and energy over time when corrected.

The audit of energy consumption is a specialized process. It takes thorough knowledge and expertise in multiple fields to estimate design, commission and performance monitor projects for energy conservation.

There are few fundamental ways of saving energy:

  • Accurate monitoring of the utilities in the plant or building
  • Reduction in the amount of energy required for the generation and use of the utility
  • Trapping of any unused energy
  • Recycling and re-use of energy

By implementing these principles, we help energy intensive industries and buildings to effectively manage energy consumption, and thereby enabling a reduction in overall energy costs, making operations more competitive, increasing productivity and overall profitability.

There are many benefits of an Energy Audit.


  • Reduction in cost of energy/electricity bills by reducing consumption or by changing tariff type
  • Reduced maintenance cost by following improved utilisation of plant and optimisation in operation
  • Reduction in capital expenditure where increased efficiency avoids the need for additional plant or supply capacity
  • Increased productivity where working conditions are improved; e.g. improved temperature levels, airflow, etc
  • Elimination of low power factor penalties by talking remedial action identified during energy audit.


Environmental benefits that arise from using energy more efficiently may include:

  • Reduction of CO2 and other emissions
  • Reduction of environmental impacts related to transmission, delivery or transport of energy
  • Reduction of regional and national energy demand
  • Conservation of natural resources particularly fossil fuels and other non-renewable fuels


  • Now more than ever, companies are finding that going green makes good marketing sense as the urgency of climate change becomes more apparent companies and clients are looking to support green businesses and products.
  • Organisations will achieve recognition by the community, including potential costumers by being environmentally responsible corporate citizens.
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