Sound Audit

Sound / Noise quality Audit
A sound or noise audit examines noise levels in any premises. Noise can cause ill health effects as well as socio-cultural and economic effects. In most of the cases the long and short term effects cannot be evaluated objectively.

Noise is generated from various sources. The increasing ambient noise levels in everyday life is due to various industrial and commercial activities, fire crackers, sound producing instruments, generator sets, loud speakers, public address systems, music systems, vehicular honking and other mechanical devices have deleterious effects on human health and psychological well being of the people.

It is considered necessary to monitor, regulate and control noise producing and generating sources with the objective of maintaining the ambient air quality standards in respect of noise. 

The various national and international standards and regulations highlight the need to monitor, control and regulate sound/noise levels and the use of protective gears to prevent the adverse effects caused from the continuous exposure to loud/noisy environments.

In India, under the Environment protection Act – 1986 and 2010 amendment (as per Central Pollution Control board regulation),

the Noise pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000 is in existence. Few excerpts of Noise Pollution Rules – 2000 are given below:

The noise level in any area / zone shall not exceed the ambient air quality standards in respect of noise as specified in the below given schedule 

Area code Category of Area/Zone Limits in dB (A) Leq Day time Night time
A Industrial 75 70
B Commercial 65 55
C Residential 55 45
D Silence (Like Hospitals/Schools/Colleges 50 40

GTCS offers specialist work place Sound or Noise audit services for the following premises.

  • Office premises
  • Controlled IT Environments, including data centre, computer rooms, server rooms, communication rooms, switch rooms, UPS rooms and Air conditioning plant or Air handling rooms
  • Industrial establishments
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Institutions
  • Hotels/Entertainment facilities

In addition where a client needs third party audit of Acoustics for Mechanical and Electrical systems (such as pump rooms, Chiller plants, Generator rooms), GTCS can provide customised sound/noise measurement services.

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