GTCS was founded in 1997 to provide high quality design expertise to the building industry originally in the field of public health engineering and fire protection systems.  

The key strength of the partnership firm was based on the  high skill engineering expertise brought in by the prime mover of the firm, Shreeganesh V Nair in partnership with Deepa Ganesh.

GTCS motto: Life is Energy :: Energy is Life

Aggressively pursuing the aim of ensuring awareness and energy conservation measures, Shreeganesh V Nair, a  BEE Certified Energy Manger,EDGE AUDITOR, IGBC AP, Griha Trainer and Evaluator and a complete BUILDING PHYSICS and ECBC Expert with expertise in building simulation for energy modeling.

Through consistent pursuit of knowledge in the domain, Shreeganesh is providing single point solution for end to end building design issues.

Deepa Ganesh, who provides her expertise in the Green Certification procedures, coordination with Energy Management Centre Kerala, CII and GRIHA Council, is an IGBC AP.

Having introduced most of the innovative solutions to the plumbing design market through the last twenty years in the Industry including top notch booster systems, non boiler based water heating systems, steam generation systems, rain water harvest systems, and sewage treatment plants, the founders have continued the process of capacity building within GTCS through the development of additional skill sets through the years.

Through a process of continuous in-house training to the Engineering and Architecture team, GTCS maintains state of the art technology in designs.

Proven Expertise

Design, Estimation, Tendering and Supervision 

v  New Buildings

§ Project Feasibility and Project Reports

§ Approval From Local Bodies



§ Electrical



§ Architectural Review


§ Structural Detailing (GFC Drawings)

§ Green Certification (IGBC/GRIHA/Edge/LEED)

v   Existing Buildings

§ Testing and Balancing Services for HVAC

§ Energy Audits

§ Green Certification  

 Design Build Services

v New Buildings

§ Green Buildings

§ Green Interiors 



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