Water Audit

What is water audit?

  • A Water Audit is a full analysis of water processed by a utility. Water audit comprises of preparation of layout of water sources, distribution network, service/delivery points to water users and return flow of waste or excess water.
  • Water audit is an effective management tool for minimizing losses, optimizing various uses and thus enabling considerable conservation of water
  • Water audits trace water use from its point of entry into the facility/system to its discharge into the sewer/river/canal etc.

Benefits of Water Audit

  • Water audit improves the knowledge and documentation of the distribution system,
  • Identifies the problem and risk areas and a better understanding of what is happening to the water after it leaves the source point.
  • Leads to reduced water losses,
  • Improved financial performance,
  • Improved reliability of supply system
  • Efficient use of existing supplies
  • Better safeguard to public health and property and reduced legal liability,
  • Reduced disruption, thereby improving level of service to customers.
  • Large potential cost savings that can be achieved by water harvesting, through the recycling of water and the use of rain water.

What we offer?

  • We offer full quantitative analysis of water processed by a utility. Sounding and pinpointing leaks and classification as to severity. Historical leak records are analyzed to determine cost effectiveness of replacing specific mains showing high leakage.
  • Flow measurement devices may be installed at all strategic points so that water losses from various components can be identified
  • Identify meter accuracy problems resulting from improper sizing and application.
  • Corrosion control of water distribution piping system to avoid corrosion leaks.
  • Suggesting the organizations how to become nil effluent water discharge company with efficient effluent water treatment plants and using the treated water for horticulture and toilets.


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